Interview Preparation

Interviewing is a skill that improves with practice and preparation. We help you build a concise and polished narrative that explains your background, specific experiences and why you are the right candidate for the job. 

Whether in-person, via video or by phone we'll work through possible questions, practice your presentation and build your confidence.


Executive Coaching

 Leaders hire a coach to provide outside perspective on what's happening within their organizations and offer a lens to their own professional development and growth. Coaching can help gain self-awareness, clarify goals, develop confidence and improve communication.

We structure coaching programs that suit individual and organization needs taking into account time frame, frequency, delivery and budget.


Career Strategy

Do you know what you want to do but aren't sure how to get there? Or maybe you know what you don't want to do, but are still putting together what you do want to do. 

We will work with you to determine what comes next, put together a comprehensive plan and provide support  and direction as you navigate through the twists and turns to your next move.